Private Policy

Appendix No. 1 to the Public Offer Agreement on the Provision of Consulting Services by a Psychologist/Psychotherapist dated June 29, 2023

Policy of confidentiality, protection and processing of personal data
1. This Policy for the protection and processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) includes conditions for the processing and protection of personal data carried out in accordance with the stated purpose and grounds for such processing of personal data.

2. The owner of personal data is the person specified in Clause 1 of the General Provisions of the Public Offer Agreement mentioned above.

3. This Policy, together with the Public Offer Agreement specified above (according to the text — “Public Offer Agreement”) are the basis on which the Customer’s personal data, which will be processed, is obtained.

4. By providing his data to the Contractor electronically using the Ucare mobile application or on the website, the Customer agrees to the provisions set forth in this Policy and gives his voluntary and unconditional consent to the processing of his personal data.

5. The Contractor respects the right of the subjects of personal data, who are the Customers, to the inviolability and confidentiality of personal data and applies appropriate security measures aimed at preventing unauthorized access, change or dissemination of the personal data of the Customers.

6. Personal data of Customers are used only for the purpose defined by this Policy and in accordance with the terms of the Public Offer Agreement.

7. Processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data” and current legislative acts of Ukraine. This Policy provides the Customers with information about the purpose of obtaining personal data, the procedure for processing personal data, conditions for providing access to personal data by third parties, and other information on the order of storage and use of the Customers’ personal data.

8. Personal data is obtained, stored, processed and used for the following purpose:

— provision by the Contractor of services to the Customers in accordance with the terms of the Public Offer Agreement, execution of transactions via the Internet;

— identification of the Customer;

— provision to the Customers of all information, the provision of which is provided for in the Public Offer Agreement and/or the Law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights” and/or the current legislation of Ukraine;

— ensuring the implementation of other areas of relations that will require the processing of the Customer’s personal data in accordance with the requirements of the law.

9. Personal data that the Contractor receives from the Customer.

10. The Contractor collects the personal data of the Customers when the Customers use the information of the specified Ucare mobile application or on the website and information provided by the Contractor to the Customers on the basis of the Public Offer Agreement and/or the Customer’s performance of payments, the Customer’s communication/correspondence with the Contractor.

11. The Contractor may receive the following data from the Customer (separate from them):

– Full Name;

– Gender;

– Date of birth of an individual;

– Information about the problem, the question with which the Customer addresses the Contractor, including information about the state of health, other;

12. Contact information: phone number, e-mail address of the Customer, other information necessary within the framework of the relationship between the Parties under the Public Offer Agreement.

13. Consent to provision, processing, storage, use of personal data Accepting the terms of the Public Offer Agreement, the Customer:

1) certifies that personal data about him is provided by the Customer to the Contractor voluntarily, thereby confirming that the Contractor receives such data lawfully and possesses them on legal grounds;

2) certifies that the Contractor has the right to process the Customer’s personal data in accordance with the above-mentioned purpose of their processing;

3) agrees that the processing of personal data about the Customer by the Contractor is conditioned by the need for the Contractor to exercise rights and obligations in accordance with the law or within the limits of the relevant Public Contract (offer);

4) gives consent to the Contractor for the transfer of personal data about the Customer to third parties, if it is necessary in accordance with the above-mentioned purpose or in accordance with the requirements of the law, without the obligation of the Contractor to notify the Customer of such actions each time;

5) confirms the receipt from the Contractor of the proper notification of the Customer’s rights, the purpose of collecting personal data, information, the provision of which is provided to the Customer in Article 3 “On the Protection of Personal Data”;

6) gives the Contractor the right to store the Customer’s personal data during the entire term of the Contractor’s activity or until the moment when the Customer wishes to delete information about himself or prohibits their storage or transfer in written paper form, unless otherwise affected by law or the specifics of the relationship between the Customer and the Contractor.

14. The Customer has the right in person and upon written request in paper form to find out more information stored by the Contractor regarding such Customer.

15. The Contractor receives information from the Customer exclusively for the provision of services and has no right to use it for any other purposes.

16. Any information, the transfer of which took place on the basis of this Agreement, is considered confidential under this Agreement and is subject to the regime of commercial secrecy in accordance with current legislation and the Agreement.

17. The transfer of information between the Parties is conditioned by the mutually beneficial cooperation of the Parties and the desire of the Parties to intensify and jointly coordinate for the provision of services.

18. The parties confirm their understanding of the importance of the contractual regulation of relations to ensure the regime of commercial secrecy and agree to assume the following obligations:

– not to disclose confidential information received by him from the Customer to any other third parties, including state authorities, enterprises, institutions, organizations of all forms of ownership and subordination, and will not use said information for his own benefit, except for the use of such information in accordance with to the purposes specified in this Agreement. This obligation also applies for five years after the end of the Agreement.

– observe the same degree of secrecy in order to avoid the disclosure or use of this information by other persons, which the Contractor would reasonably observe in relation to his own confidential information of a similar degree of importance.

19. The contractor undertakes to take all necessary measures to preserve confidential information.

20. In the event of a need to disclose information to third parties, including in case of receiving a request (written, oral, by e-mail) for information that constitutes a commercial secret and confidential information from counterparties, clients and any government bodies, the Contractor is obliged to:

a) find out from the counterparty, client or representative of the state body the need to obtain such information (what is the purpose of such a request; the amount of information that must be contained in the answer);

b) immediately notify the Customer of such a request;

c) obtain the Customer’s consent to provide such information;

d) agree with the Customer on the content and volume of information to be provided;

e) in the event of a request by law enforcement agencies, send a copy of the said request

21. To the customer, and receive appropriate instructions regarding a specific request. Provide an answer to the request only in the case of the written consent of the Customer, except for cases where failure to fulfill such an obligation, in accordance with the current legislation, is the basis for bringing the Customer to administrative or criminal liability.

22. After the expiration of this Agreement or in the event of reorganization or liquidation, the Customer undertakes to immediately return or destroy all received confidential information and copies made from it.

23. The Customer reserves the right to conduct an analysis of measures to protect confidential information taken by the Contractor. If the Customer refuses to provide information on measures to protect confidential information or reveals the insufficiency of measures taken to protect confidential information, the Customer has the right to refuse to provide confidential information or terminate the contract early.

24. If a third party files a lawsuit or takes other legal action demanding the disclosure of any confidential information, the Contractor shall immediately notify the Customer and provide, within reasonable limits, such assistance as the Customer may require to prevent disclosure.

25. None of the parties may transfer or otherwise cede in whole or in part its rights and obligations under this agreement without the prior written consent of the other party.

26. All confidential information under this contract is the exclusive property of the Customer.

27. The Contractor has the right to create statistical data based on such categories as age, gender, and the essence of the Customer’s issue, for the Contractor’s business activities and to share with the Customers, however, the Contractor creates such data without disclosing personal data that could specify a person (such personal data as: surname, first name, patronymic, telephone, passport data, e-mail, social networks).

This Policy on confidentiality, protection and processing of personal data is an integral appendix to the Agreement on the public offer on the provision of consulting services by a psychologist/psychotherapist dated June 29, 2023, and is valid for the period in accordance with the term of the said Agreement.


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